Beam on Nollywood: Teco Benson, A Veteran Director by Nneka Agbanusi

Just like in the preparation of a meal; if all the necessary ingredients required to make a pot of soup are available but no skilled cook is present to effectively assemble and blend these ingredients, there will be no meal? So also is the process of making a movie.

The absence of a skilled director in movie making is like taking away a very important ingredient without which the movie will amount to virtually nothing.

The importance of a director cannot be over emphasized as he is the driving creative force in a film's production and acts as the crucial link between the production, technical and creative teams.  Directors are responsible for creatively translating the film from a script to the images and sounds on the screen. He or she must visualize and define the style and structure of the film, then act as both a storyteller and team leader to bring this vision to reality. 

Teco Benson

One of Nigeria’s veteran director’s Teco Benson has over the years shown immerse skill, talent and expertise in his continuous delivery of films. He debuted into the Nigeria movie industry as an actor in 1994 and later went into script writing in 1995 after which he began his directing career in 1997. He has since maintained a very strong track record in the Nigerian Movie industry.

Originally a civil servant, the 42-year-old father of five prides himself as being a change agent. In 2011, Benson in collaboration with Stepping Stones directed a movie ‘The Fake prophet’ which was produced as an advocacy tool by the UK-based child rights charity.

The talented director’s wish for the Nigerian movie industry is to turn Nollywood into something better than Hollywood. Already, hundreds of people are coming from Hollywood to Nigeria to learn how to work. With his wealth of experience, Benson coordinates projects and workshops stationed in the rural and urban areas of the continent.


According to, he has been known to finish a movie in at least three months compared to some Nollywood movies that get released every two weeks.

Since 1997 after he quit his civil service career, Benson has written and directed about 50 films, which has made him a familiar figure in Nigeria. He directed his first Yoruba movie titled 'IKU DORO' in 2011. 

As part of the federal government delegation via the Nigerian Film Corporation, he represented Nollywood in Ghana in 2005, as well as being a part of the five men delegation that represented Nigeria at the 32nd Cairo International Film Festival. In 2006, his movie Explosion was chosen to represent Nollywood in Israel.

Some of the movies he has directed are: High Blood Pressure, Mission to Nowhere, Silence of force, etc. He has become a force to reckon with in directing with his twist in movie production through the incorporation of modern technology that enables his movies to contest at international level. This is evident in his new block buster movie “Red Hot” starring, Bimbo Manuel, Uti Nwachukwu, Bukky Wright, Akin Lewis, among a host of others.

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